Welcome to Sustainable Infill Development – SID!

Sustainable Infill Development (SID) has a mission to Help Densify Portland Metro Housing – comfortably, affordably, creatively. We identify land within the Urban Growth Boundary to create areas for living that allow affordability yet enable a good quality of life for a region that is in high demand and facing significant population growth – for all the good reasons that we know!

With over 20 years of experience at our hands SID will bring you, the home-builder or investor, optimum land configuration and value-creation. SID has the contacts, experience and innovative design team to identify, plan, plat and construct finished lots for home-builders, with public/private improvements and laterals/utilities all installed as ready "plug-and-play" lots.

We operate in the small-medium subdivision market developing parcels typically from 2-30 lots. We have 3 main business units – subdivisions, renovations and R2DC. These are described more on our “About” page. Please take a look at our portfolio of completed projects and Work in Progress (WIP) and feel free to contact us with any inquiries.

Our Mission

Helping Densify Portland Metro Housing – comfortably, affordably, creatively.


We are grateful for the support and service of all our partners who help us achieve our mission. While it is difficult to mention everyone we would explicitly like to recognize the services of the following organizations.

Planning and land use issues - Mark Dane Planning
GC - Ranes Excavating
Title Companies - Stewart Title, Lawyers Title.
Surveyors - Centerline.
Engineers - WDY, Inc.
Legal - Hathaway Koback Connors