Milwaukie, SE Railroad Ave

Project Info

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    Completed, Completed Subdivisions

Project Name: Railroad

Type: Subdivision (“Paper” sale)

Address: 4217 SE Railroad Ave, Portland, OR 97222-5402

Tax ID’s: 00093419, 00093428, 00093400, 00093437

Jurisdiction: City of Milwaukie, Oregon

Completion Date: August 2017


Summary of Deliverables

Designed optimum layout for creation of a 19-lot subdivision. Sold land, land-use entitlements/approvals and full construction drawings for site infrastructure ready for construction.

Project Description

3.2 acre parcel comprising 4 lots (tax map) in an up-and-coming area of Milwaukie just 15 minutes drive from Downtown Portland. New subdivision created 19 lots all around 5,000 sq ft designed around a straightforward loop just off SE Railroad.