Portland, N Allegheny

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    Completed, Completed Renovations

Project Name: Allegheny

Type: Triple PLA and renovation

Address: 9476 N Allegheny Ave , St. Johns, Portland, OR  97203

Jurisdiction: City of Portland

Completion Date: March 2015


Project Description

11,500 sqft parcel of land in St Johns, ranked in 2015 as 12th Hottest Neighborhood by the Portland Business Journal in the Metro region for Houses Sold.

Existed as one 1930s house on 5 straight legal lots but SID executed 3 Property Line Adjustments (PLAs) with the City to reconfigure it so that existing house was retained (on lots 2 & 3) while enabling 3 new legal, buildable lots to be sold off for “skinny” homes to be built on them. Existing house was renovated to a high standard and sold in May 2015. Lots were sold in July, 2015.


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