Beaverton, SW 187th

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    Completed, Completed Renovations

Project: 187th

Type: Renovation and 2-flag-lot partition (Build-out)

Address: 1790 SW 187th Ave, Beaverton, OR 97003

Jurisdiction: Washington County

Completion Date: Sept 2014


Project Description:

Property 0.56 acres (25,000sqft) with quaint run down 1930s cottage (2,200sqft) and detached workshop in an area classed R5. Cottage was fully renovated, workshop demo’d (recycled) and yard cleared. Half street at front, utilities and flag driveway constructed to provide two c. 9,000 sq ft lots at rear for construction of c. 4,000sq ft detached houses. 95% of workshop materials reused or recycled.


Project Overview: 187th One Page Overview

Before and After Photos: 187th Before, During, and After Photos