Our primary business activity is small-medium Subdivisions developing parcels typically from 2-30 lots.

We have 2 other distinct activities/business units – i. Renovations, Partitions and PLAs and ii. R2DC.

Dividing raw land into smaller parcels (legal lots) through the formal land-use application process. Within 20-30 minutes of receiving the address of a piece of property we can evaluate the optimal configuration of the land for greatest value-creation depending on the planning zone type, location and availability of utilities or other special characteristics such as wetlands or environmental/historical denomination. Some of our most creative work is done at this stage to envision maximum density, affordability and quality of living experience, hence end-buyer satisfaction and demand. We then proceed through the hoops of surveying, land-use planning, engineering and in the final stages, construction of required infrastructure such as roads, sidewalks and utilities needed for modern homes and living. The end result is finished “platted” lots with all services in place ready for the home-builder to “plug-and-play” the home design of their choice onto each lot. We are happy to collaborate with our customers on the house designs and will provide appropriate after-sales service to ensure a smooth process for the home-builder.

Renovations, partitions and PLAs
Buying quality old homes in need of repair, renovating them, then selling direct to new home owners. Sometimes older homes in the urban environment are available with significant amounts of land to enable more density to be achieved. In this case we do everything we can to retain the house and bring it up to its former glory while creating space for new residences around it, enabling the density objectives of the City to be achieved. If the original house is situated on more than one legal lot, sometimes it is possible to reconfigure them through Property Line Adjustments (PLAs) to carve off one or more lots for building new homes on the newly configured adjacent lots. See our Allegheny project for a very rare example where three PLAs led to the creation of three new legal lots for the building of “skinny” homes on the adjacent lots.

Creating detached condo communities in R2 zones. On R2-zoned parcels, in the City of Portland, which require one living “unit” per 2,000 square feet (at most) of land being redeveloped most developers will build condos or apartments. However, it is our belief that most people would prefer to live in their own detached building if able to, and sometimes it is just not practical to build condos (e.g. if the site is too narrow). In this case it is possible to build detached dwellings that are still classified as condos for planning and permitting purposes. This means no subdivision/land use process is necessary for the single parcel. The project can be taken straight to building permits then building of the frontage/utility infrastructure and dwellings all at the same time, thereby reducing the investment cycle to less than 12 months from land acquisition to completion and sale of buildings. Our “product” in this case is a pre-designed community that is permit-application-ready i.e we complete the civil engineering and architectural drawings and prepare the building permits in the name of the buyer, and support the buyer through the permitting process if required.

This is a very short summary of our three business categories. You are invited to view our past and present projects on our project gallery and please do contact us with any questions.