SID Owner, Simon Lofts, brings with him over 20 years of experience in the field of sustainable business innovation . He understands and believes deeply the important role that business must play in acting responsibly and helping build a better world for future generations.

Population growth and migration is the primary reason for environmental degradation - which is why our mission to Help Densify Portland Metro Housing – i.e. optimize the use of urban land, rather than green fields, is inherently sustainable – especially if the result is affordable housing that is comfortable and provides a quality of living that meets the needs and expectations of today’s home-owner. And being of European heritage we know that it is possible to live densely yet comfortably and even enhance the quality of the living experience in general.

But “what we do” is only the half of it. We constantly seek to improve the sustainability of our operations throughout the whole process, from recycling as much as possible, to using sustainable products and processes on projects and influencing our partners and vendors to do so too. For example, of the three old buildings that we have been required to demolish so far, each has been “diligently demo’d” – deconstructed piece-by-piece and over 90% of the materials reused or recycled.

And you can safely bet that if/when we start to build homes we will employ the same sustainability standards to them, from solar readiness to energy/water efficiency and use of sustainable/local materials and workmanship.

Finally, it should not be forgotten that by operating sustainability and thoughtfully, efficiency rises and value-creation is optimized for all. It’s all just good business and investment sense.

That's what Sustainability is about - People, Planet, Profit.