Portland, Johns Landing, Viewpoint Terrace 3 (VPT3)

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Project Name: Viewpoint Terrace 3 (VPT 3)

Type: 9-lot subdivision (permit-ready)

Address: Vicinity of SW Viewpoint Terrace and SW Pendleton/Flower Streets, John’s Landing, Portland, OR 97239

Jurisdiction: City of Portland

Completion Date: Ready public improvement permits Summer 2019

Price: Please contact us.

Project Description: 

9 c 4,500 sq ft lots for building c. 2,500 sqft single family detached homes in a fantastic location in John’s Landing with a view of Mt Hood, 5 minutes drive from Downtown Portland and 5 minutes walk from the Willamette River.

Project Overview/Sales Brochure: VPT3 sales brochure